This page contains testimonials and references.  At CeI we believe everyone should make only good decisions.  Good decisions are made based upon all available facts and only when necessary.  CeI has accumulated testimonials from our clients for the past three years.  We have more than 350 testimonial letters and text messages.  You will also see many endorsements on linkedin.com.  This should help you make an informed decision about enrolling with CeI and continuing with your business development program.


For more than two years I have been using the services of Mike Cannon and Cannon eInstitute.

Recently, when my employer decided I did not have much runway left, he indicated I had to retire.  This despite the fact that I was the most effective prospector and sales professional he had on his staff.

I had to downsize rapidly from a large harbor side home to a more modest, but new manufactured home.  Mike was instrumental in the sale of my condo, composing the article we included in Graig’s list, putting up the open house signs and entertaining prospects during many open house, while I was out of town.  He is more than just a business, marketing and sales coach, he is also a good friend.  I understand that he is a good friend to all of his CeI Program Participants.

At the encouragement of Mike Cannon I started another flag and banner organization, Color The Wind.  Mike helped me form the company, including registering the DBA at the County Recorder’s office, obtain the business license, design the business card and service information card and start my email marketing campaign.  He also helped me become part of a Manufactured Home sales team, design my business card and design marketing media.
Mike is still working with me and he is persistent in pursuing the objective of increasing my personal net income by $100,000.  Obviously, I recommend Mike Cannon and Cannon eInstitute as high as one can recommend an individual or organization.  As Mike mentioned to me two years ago, “Don’t Delay, Enroll Today”.  I am glad I did.
Cindy van der Wyk
Color the Wind – Flags and Banners
J&R Manufactured Homes

I met Mike Cannon when he was a consultant and instructor for Project Success through the Department of Employment and the Workforce Investment Board.  As I testified before the WIB board, Mike Cannon instruction was invaluable and so much better than the first program.  He didn’t waste our time teaching us things that were not germane to our success but instead focused on the tools we needed to present our products and services, generate interest and motivate buying decisions.

Subsequent to Project Success, Cannon eInstitute has continued working with me each week as I develop and test new marketing material.  He not only helped me prepare the drop package and scripts for hotels and spas, he traveled with me into the field to drop off the packages and generate interest in L&B Love and Beauty Skin care as amenities.  He has helped me build my new web site adding sizzle to my text.  He is truly amazing and always acts more like a friend than just an instructor.  I cannot recommend anyone in sales training, coaching and contracting and in marketing material copy writing more than Michael Cannon and Cannon eInstitute.
Laura Bryan
L&B Love and Beauty Skin Care

There is no Organization in the world that has had a more positive impact on their customer’s business than Cannon eInstitute.  In 2011 I was working a salaried position at $65,000 annually.  In 2012, my corporation earned in excess of $200,000.00.  In EVERY meeting I acquire very valuable and immediately usable knowledge. 

I have been on a ledge a time or two and Mike talked me off of it, bringing me to safe ground.  He is exactly what he says he is, “a coach, counselor, consultant, mentor, motivator, innovator, teacher/trainer, copy writer and researcher”.  I meet with Mike every week for four weeks out of every month.  The meetings are rapid and the results are almost immediate.  I cannot remember asking him a question he did not have a good answer for.  He and Cannon eInstitute are resources entrepreneurs and sales professionals should constantly use.
Joe Rumi

Mike Cannon is like a strong wind in the sails of my business.  He pushes us along on a more rapid course to success.  His organization is not limited to training, for me and my clients, it was research and marketing material composition and publication.  He literally worked with me, week after week, until the business objectives and expectations of my client were exceeded.  If you can get on Mike Cannon’s Calendar, once a week for four weeks out of every month, as I am, it will have a very strong and positive effect on your success and, equally important, you economic well being.
Gene Lesman
Lesman Micromarketing

There were times when I was on the ledge, ready to jump, ready to give up, but Mike Cannon would not let me.  He would constantly remind me that my product, the Straight Shooter Baseball Launcher, is high in quality and high in functionality and that it had to be a success.  He erased all my doubts and kept me on target.  Now we have the endorsement of many professional baseball teams,  college/university baseball programs, little leagues, pony leagues and softball leagues.  Everyone loves the product and it has now caught hold virally.  I expect sales this year and next to be in the Millions.  Mike is a believer and, more importantly, he keeps you believing.  I cannot high enough the skills, knowledge, and media Cannon eInstitute promotes.  His tagline, “Let’s make more sales happen” is gospel.  Allow him and Cannon eInstitute to make sales happen for you.
John Ogren
Straight Shooter, USA

My father is an entrepreneur and he built a strong restaurant business.  In the process he invented some great dishes and It has always been my desire to sell his egg noodles through supermarkets throughout the United States.  I did not know where to begin.  Mike Cannon motivated me to visit local supermarkets and explore the process.  Mike then work relentlessly to complete our food processing guide, help me contract with a shared professional kitchen and obtain California Department of Public Health approval for my product and manufacturing process.  He is helping me set up the sales order processing and fulfillment systems.  He, and his organization, Cannon eInstitute, is invaluable in helping entrepreneurs get launched and become profitable.  If you want to go into business you want to contract with Mike Cannon and Cannon eInstitute.  If you are in business and you are not experiencing the profits you would like, you want to contract with Mike Cannon and Cannon eInstitute.  In other words, if you want to make more profitable sales happen, contract with Mike Cannon and Cannon eInstitute.
Vincent Huynh
Phat Ky Mi Gia
Restaurant & Products

I have relied upon Mike Cannon for more than 15 years.  He is an incredible empowerment counselor demonstrating how I had the power to do thing I didn’t know I had.  He helped with personal relationships and now he is helping me with my business.  He not only provides training, consulting and counseling, he also demonstrates.  He helped me man my table at heath fair expositions, demonstrating how to professionally engage suspects, qualify them into prospects and then motivate a buying action.  It is was nothing less than AMAZING!  If you are a small business looking for more business or a sales professional wanting to achieve more profitable sales, you must get on the Cannon eInstitute calendar and, if possible, get on Mike Cannon’s calendar.
Pam Rumi
Balanced Life Wellness

Cannon eInstitute is reliable, informative, entertaining, motivating, knowledgeable and effective.  If you do what you instructor or professors suggests, you will increase profitable sales.
Shelly Haas
Shelly Haas System of Shopping

 There are times in the life an entrepreneur when you think about giving up.  It is hard work and it seems endless.  During those times you need a mentor; someone to remind you of your success, the good your products and services are bringing to your customers and that the dream is achievable.  Mike Cannon, of Cannon eInstitute, for the past two years, has been my mentor, motivator, coach, counselor, copy writer, email broadcasting service, regulatory compliance consultant, personal empowerment counselor, a good friend and other titles I just can’t think of right now.  He is nothing short of amazing and I recommend him very much.
Maribel Lopez
The Blooming Branch


In just one week I have seen an impact in my sales approach. I concentrated on rapport in a meeting with a client and he bought the product before we even talked about price.
Ali Sharifzadeh
“C” Beyond

Alma McElroy stood up, walked to the front of the Dove Canyon Country Club banquet room and said; “I was afraid I would win the 3 minute commercial and for that reason I did not want to put my yellow card in for the opportunity drawing. My mentor, Renee Scott, gave me that look and I entered the card. The good news is that I did not win the 3 minutes commercial. The Bad news is that I won the 2 Minute commercial.” Everyone laughed. Then she said, to my surprise, “Before we start I want to give a tribute to Mike Cannon. I started his program 5 weeks ago and I have already tripled my income. I recommend the Cannon eInstitute program for everyone.”

Then she proceeded to wow the audience with her 1.5 minute Arbonne commercial. When the bell rang, she gave the “YES!” hand gesture and again everyone laughed. She was a hit. Immediately after lunch, she enrolled another Arbonne member.
Observation of Alma McElroy
Arbonne International

I have found that CeI’s Advanced Professional Sales is a more compassionate approach to influencing prospects and building conclusions It is not about hustling people, but really caring and really offering solutions leading to a better future for everyone. Michael Cannon is a tough task-master – He keeps you on target and motivated.
Bob Matz
Thomas Financial Group

It’s the practical aspect of the workshop that I find most effective. I not only learn how to use the advanced sales tools, but more importantly, how to use them in my day-to-day sales activities. The results are evident.
Carla Strickland
Freedom Interactive

It is irrefutable, certain program participants have rapidly improved their ability to capture more sales through the amazing tutoring of Michael Cannon of Cannon eInstitute.
Cindy Binder
The Credit Card Lady

Wouldn’t it be great to expose our customers to Mike Cannon? I have and, what he says
“really” works! His enthusiasm at each and every meeting is catching and I leave the sessions totally wired . It takes me about an hour after I get home to wind down. He certainly has inspired me to work even harder and better to achieve my goals. In my estimation, his course wins a gold medal! That goes for him as well! Care, care, care, that describes Mike to a “t”. We need to clone him! Cindy@patrioticlady.com

After all these years, it’s teaching me a new, more effective approach to selling.

You owe me something. I just spent 30-45 minutes talking to a nice young man in the tile business…………and I have him so excited about your class that he wants to bring his dad also. I hope they show on Tuesday. So if your ears are burning, rightfully so………….Cannon Institute is easier to sell than flags however, I missed not being at the class and will be there this week but not next week……………I used what I had learned on a business call on Thursday, got the order on Friday and will deliver on Monday. What you have taught me so far, worked on this particular customer. So there! I don’t want to make your head swell but had to let you know what you have inspired all of us to do. That is to help others and lead them to Mike Cannon!
Cindy van der Wyk
Pageantry World

I receive so much from CeI for so little. This week I learned how to:

1. Revise my WAS scripts to make them more effective,
2. Compose and revise my WCA proposal.
3. Develop a micro-marketing strategy for both organizations
4. Compose and revise my elevator speech,
5. Compose and revise my 10, 20, and 30 second WAS commercial
6. Compose and revise my WAS one minute seminar.

The great news is that after the RRD workshop and the one-on-one consulting sessions, I have usable micro-marketing media to employ and a great deal more confidence. Each day, working with CeI, I feel more like a sales professional!
In the words of Mike Cannon, I get more value over price!
Claudia Ortiz
Women’s Automotive Solutions
West Coast Automotive

“Mike Cannon really cares about his students. His program works because he cares so much.” After all these years, CeI is teaching me a new, more effective approach to selling.

After experiencing only a few weeks of the program, I gave my husband it as a gift. After he looked at the changes Mike suggested for our poster/banner he said, “You have already realized your return on investment for your tuition. This is a great program.”
Gina Wu
Dhare, Inc

EVERY MEETING WITH YOU – EVERY ENCOUNTER is full of valuable ideas, concepts, procedures, processes, and campaigns designed to help me improve my business. That was the best tuition I have ever spent.
John Rydell
“A” Plus Appraisels

I recommended you to a friend who is a chiropractor and is looking to build her business & get more patients. Made this recommendation after only two weeks into the program.
Kelly McLemore

After attending my free Rapid Relationship Development Workshop session, I realized he is the “real thing”. Immediately I recognized the value I will receive from the “Weekly Sales Meeting” segment of the workshop: I will be driven, motivated, and monitored; I will have a focus group to test my quips, scripts, probes, and compelling stories; and I will receive live coaching on how to improve my use of my new tools. I also recognized the value I will receive from the knowledge transfer segment; I will learn how to rapidly establish rapport, credibility, and trust. I paid a competitor $199.00 for training and received very little in return. I have been in the CeI program a little less than a week and I have already set my financial objectives and laid out a micro-marketing strategy for MaxGXL and Surf it Local.

I am recommending the CeI Combined program to everyone.

I want to thank you for the confidence you instill in me to go after sales and the building of my business. Your teachings and mentoring have truly taken me to another level that I thought I would never get to. I grow even more every day. Today I presented in front of 8 people and I have 8 of those 8 now on a 2-week trial of my product. I anticipate them all becoming regular customers. From that 8 I have also been able to schedule another presentation in front of 4 more people. You truly give awesome tools and your personal expertise is priceless. Some say it the program may not be duplicatable. BUT, I’m here to tell you that it absolutely is duplicatable. There is no such program as yours.

I just have to give you another BIG THANK YOU!!!! With the help from you on the campaigns we have been developing, I have scheduled a presentation about my product MaxGXL in front of 50 people at the end of next week. I don’t think I would have been able to do this without you. You have helped me tremendously with my collateral documents, scripts, presentations, etc. You have really gotten me to see the big picture on where I can take my business and how far I want it to go. It’s my choice. I have a great coach on my sideline. Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!

Thanks so much again for all that you do and all that you teach.

Thanks again for all of your help and knowledge. I’m learning so much from you. It’s both exciting and challenging
I will be enrolled with CeI and Mike Cannon until I am no longer in business. Your workshops are always good!
Lauri Hilista

“I want to repeat what Gina said, Mike Cannon does really care about us and he is there always to help.”
Narine Hills

Cannon eInstitute is more than just a single program or learning unit, it is the constant coaching and mentoring that keeps us on track. I don’t ever want to stop this program… It’s not just the content, it is the hands on help in developing personalized marketing material, in developing comprehensive micro-marketing campaigns, in providing us direction, and in motivating action that keeps me coming back and wanting more and more.

I will always be a supporter of CeI and Mike Cannon

Mike Cannon does talk fast – even during the workshops. However, all I have to do is ask him to repeat what he has said and he does. He helps us decide a direction and then supports us in micro-marketing media development. We are already reaping the benefits of a referral program we started just two short weeks ago.
The Instructor’s obsession with my bottom line sales results and his contagious enthusiasm keeps me motivated and on target.
Randeleigh Harris
Heritage Makers

Thank you Mike Cannon for making the sales process fun again.
Renee Scott
Kelly McLemore
Alma McElroy
Patricia Iverson
Arbonne International

WOW! WOW! WOW! Mike is the coach and trainer I have been looking for! Mike has an incredible uncanny ability to ask the right questions, to bring to the surface in only our second one-hour session, some of the core missing aspects of a business! He knows his “stuff” and I feel like he knows his client before his client even begins to realize he/she is sitting in front of him. Phenomenal!! A must for anyone who wants to succeed with a bang.
Roberta Dow – NuSkin

Mike is a high energy guy with lots of ideas to share with his group! We all come away with visions rattling around our heads.

I acted on one of these ideas the day following class and had a positive and happy result!! I was ready to give up on a person that I had extended an invitation to get together several times but with no result. Then I decided to give the fellow the benefit of the doubt and called again ….with a happy note in my voice. Boy was I surprised when sincere apologizes were extended! And an enthusiastic acceptance of my invite to come to the seminar I was preparing. Sometimes the no’s and no shows can get you down, but Mike helps us to be creative and positive problem-solvers!

Thanks Mike.
Sherry Marron
Amway International

I think last nights Workshop was the best. There was great interaction and a lot of fun. Everyone was into learning, learning to earn, and enjoying the evening and sales professionalism. Both Bob Matz and I share the feeling; the meeting was fun and informative and the best ever.
Siavosh A. Zadh
S.A. Electric

Awesome – as usual
Silvia Matte
Chess Center

Mike Cannon and the CeI program remind me continuously of successful sales techniques and processes long forgotten. Using these techniques I have already seen a positive impact on my sales pipeline and the sales orders I am taking. I have only been in the program one week.
Steve Ostrin
Colonial Life Insurance

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