Significant Other Relationship Thermometer (SORT)

PURPOSE: The "Making Your Relationship More Magical" program will have a significant positive impact on how you and your significant other feel about each other. In order to determine the measure of that impact, we perform a survey to determine how you feel before the program, during the program, immediately after the program, six months after the program and one year after the program. Please answer ALL the questions below honestly and completely. This is not the time to be worried about the image of your relationship. All information on this form is CONFIDENTIAL. No one will know your answers other than your CeI Counselor who is sworn to confidentiality.

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There are four S.O.R.T. readings taken.. S.O.R.T. 1 - Before the Program S.O.R.T. 2 - During the Program S.O.R.T. 3 - Immediately After the Program S.O.R.T. 4 - Three Years After the Program
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