Segment 1 – Introduction Video – Making Your Relationship More Magical



This Video Program is about making your relationship more magical. The tools, processes, concepts and procedures proffered in this program to you have all been tested and found to be effective.

Your relationship with your Significant Other should be almost perfect. You should be anxious when you must wait to be with him or her. When you are together you should feel like you are on an island of serenity: at peace, secure and with feelings of warmth and energy that can only be felt when the two of you embrace: when you kiss, and when share life’s adventures.

When you share the Magic your love is unqualified and peaceful; you believe in yourself because you believe in your relationship. You are not jealous or envious of your significant other or anyone else because you know you are worthy of the love and magic you receive.

For some the magic is natural. For others, it must be created. This program is about making your relationship more magical.