Power-Up Program

2017 - Power-Up Program Graphic

The 2017 – Power-Up Program

People follow people who are taking them where they want to go!

This Power-Up Program is not about giving people power, it is about showing people where their power already exists and how to use that power to move their themselves and their organization to greater productivity, profitability and growth.  This program is 10% motivation and 90% process, concepts and tools that expand upon the power each participant possesses.  This Power-Up program positions each participant for increased engagement, productivity, contributions and remuneration.

This program has been implemented and proven to change people’s lives; attitudes, level of motivation and dedication to the organization that makes this program possible.


Being rich is having good friends, a close family and great co-workers to enjoy life with.  This program is about bringing real, true wealth to those who participate.

SEGMENT 1 –   Power Sources Revealed

SEGMENT 2 –   Traits of Leadership

SEGMENT 3 –   The Leadership Game – Voicing Ideas for the Growth of Your Organization

SEGMENT 4 –   The Three Forms of Authority

SEGMENT 5 –   Changing Your Life – Being a Lottery Winner

SEGMENT 6 –   Learning the Power of Influence

Segment 6A – Influencing through the use of “Individual (Personal) Needs”

Segment 6B – Influencing through the use of “Organizational Needs”

SEGMENT 7 –   Managing Upward

SEGMENT 8 –    Creating a Path for Promotions

SEGMENT 9 –   Eliminating the Villains in Your Life

SEGMENT 10 – Being Proactive in Any Environment

SEGMENT 11 – Taking Control – Quietly and Firmly

SEGMENT 12 – Being Positive in a Negative World

SEGMENT 13 – Advanced Personal Planning

SEGMENT 14 – The Continuing Study Plan

It is About Playing Games

The content of a CeI Power-Up Program is not easily forgotten.  Interactive training techniques are integrated with Hybrid Vocational Education processes to create a dynamic environment where participants cannot ignore the reality of their job, their organization and their management.  Participants are encouraged, as members of mini-teams, to play business and communications games that accomplish the following objectives.

  1. Emphasize the challenges management faces each and every day on the job.
  2. Demonstrate the power of assuming leadership at any level in the organization.
  3. Improve the Decision Making Process
  4. Demonstrate the power of “People Analysis” – Personal Orientation, Decision Making Criteria and Needs Analysis.
  5. Provide a stronger foundation for influencing others.
  6. Eliminate villains and victims – NO MORE COMPLANING.
  7. Mandates a positive mental attitude and a positive outlook on the future of the organization.
  8. Transition “reactive individuals” into “proactive individuals”.
  9. Make your organization powerful and desirable.
  10. Influence the Attitude of Individuals and the “Theme of the Team”.
  11. Learn how to “Set the Mood”.
  12. Provide practice “managing expectations”.

This Program is About Process

More than Motivation

At the end of the Power-Up Program you will have “fired up” employees at all levels.  Motivational programs are great, but even better are programs that motivate with the added benefit of providing processes, concepts and tools for keeping people positive, dedicated and loyal.  The CeI 2017 Power-Up Program leaves the participant wanting more, wanting to contribute more, and wanting to practice their new, powerful tools.

More than all of this, the 2017 Power-Up Program influences every member of the team to ask important questions of their fellow team members, motivating everyone to maintain a positive, proactive and “victim-free” environment.

The Power-Up Program is the Ultimate Attitude Adjustment!

To learn more about, and register to have, the CeI Power-Up Program transition your organization, please call 714.742.4900.

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