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According to Wikepedia. Micromarketing is the practice of tailoring products, brands (microbrands), and promotions to meet the needs and wants of microsegments within a market.

A microsegment is an extremely precise division of a market, typically identified through advanced technology and techniques, such as data mining, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. These technologies and techniques are used to recognize and predict minute consumer spending and behavioral patterns (microsegmentation).

Micro-Marketing, the “hyphenated version”, has a similar but a less technical definition.

Micro-Marketing is the practice a sales professional, or anyone else wishing to market a product or service, can employ to tailor and deliver product/service packaging, introduction media, interest generating media, promotions, presentations, white papers, and “keep it sold” media to a specific, targeted market, called a microsegment. In other words, Micro-Marketing is getting suspects and prospects interested in your products and services sufficiently to motivate a buying action.

Micro-Marketing can be as simple as a letter to a specific customer or as complex as a Trade Show booth with a continuously running video. The audience is specific. The functional, emotional, positional, and academic targets are accurately defined.

The functional impact is what you want your audience to do as a result of the media. The Emotional impact is how you want to audience to feel as a result of the media. The positional impact is the priority you want you audience to place on functional target. The Academic impact is what you want to learn as a result of the media.

Micro-Marketing has one very simple premise; People Act on the Medias Impact!.

Powered-Up individuals, proficient in micro-marketing, business development and professional selling experience greater joy in life, greater wealth and an abundance of respect, love, affection, and friendship.

Developing media to generate interest and motivate a buying action is the focus of the eCollege of Micro-Marketing.

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