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The Importance of Relationships

ALL relationships are important. Because we guarantee our programs,

CeI – Guarantee:  CeI will continue to provide training, consulting and assistance until we create processes, procedures, tools and concepts that address various challenges in the establishment and growth of small businesses.  One of the challenges we have faced often during our endeavors to help entrepreneurs is a participant’s disruptive home life.  It is very difficult to maintain consistent growth when one feels on the edge of a divorce or is facing nightly conflict in their home.   

We have developed and marketing successfully our Rapid Relationships Development program for entrepreneurs and sales professionals.  However, we didn’t focus enough on the significant other relationships of our entrepreneurs struggling to make their small startup a success.  Finally, after investing in some participants with little or no results, we determined that their home life was causing them to loose focus and to start and stop their program at inopportune times.  For this reason, we researched and developed the “Making Your Relationship More Magical Program.”

When you consider the importance of your home life then you understand why you work so hard and take so many risks when starting and growing your small business.   Loosing sight of this objective, making your relationship with your significant other magical and mutually rewarding, can only be done at the risk of loosing EVERYTHING. 

If you are facing challenges making it as a powerful entrepreneur or employee, you may want to examine your home life.  If you think that divorce is the answer, you need to discuss your challenges with those who have engaged in this destructive activity. 

We have new program, consisting of counseling supported videos where you rapidly develop significant other relationships enhancement tools and use these tools to create a wonderful, supportive relationship at home leading to success in business and all other aspects of your life.  It is a shame these skills are not taught in high school, colleges or universities. 

Here is the magnetic post care we distribute to advertise this current offshoot of the Making Your Relationship More Magical program. 

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