A New Definition of Crazy

Crazy, according to Einstein, is performing the same task, in the same manner, and expecting different results.   Now, there is a Crazy definition for small and medium sized business.

It is highly unlikely that a mechanic without tools could effectively maintain your vehicle.  Yet, so many small and medium sized businesses do not possess a fully stocked Micro-Marketing and Sales Tool Kit.  In fact, most business individuals we encounter don’t event know what a Micro-Marketing and Sales Tool Kit is.

That’s kind of like when you ask the question, “Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?” and you get the answer, “Tunnel, What Tunnel?”

“Crazy is going into, or remaining in, business without the tools you need to

  1. Gain and increase mind share in your prospect/customer/client population
  2. Use those tools effectively and continuously to increase sales opportunities.
  3. Use those tools to eliminate the “No” or “Not Now” in the sales transaction.
  4. Increase Profitable Sales!

Click this link and download the CeI 2016 Basics Program Catalog.

Basics Program-160325

Crazy is waiting to enroll when, every year, the cost of the program doubles.  Currently, all 30 tools are guaranteed to you if you enroll and participate weekly in the program for one year.  The program is on a continuous cycle so if you miss a class this year, you can make up it next year.  Each class features a new tool, perfection of a tool, or practice using a tool.

Starting in April, 2016 – the program will be offered live in Irvine, California and online at GoToTraining.com.

The catalog is free.  Just review each tool and ask yourself a few simple questions.

  1. Do I have this tool?
  2. Will this tool logically help me obtain more qualified leads, generate interest in my products and/or services and help me obtain profitable sales orders, one and another, after another and so on.
  3. Will I succeed as well without this tool.

Again, starting in April, you take the program at live our location or you can elect to log into “Go To Training” and learn online. The cost is $100.00 per month for 12 months.  When you enroll, your price is fixed for the duration of the program.  If you wait to enroll, the price increases in October to $200.00/month for 12 months.

Your competitors hope you will not only wait until October to enroll but also that forget about the opportunity.  The longer you wait, the more of your profits they can acquire.

To make it easy to enroll, just call Mike Cannon – 714.742.4900.  He will enroll you over the phone.  No forms to fill out unless you want to… All you do is sign a Tuition authorization for the program and then start attending.

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t delay enroll today!

Let’s make your business a great success.