Composing Compelling Commercials – Fun, Exciting, Interest Generating and Buying Action Motivating

A Sample Compelling Commercial

A Sample Compelling Commercial

Here is the latest sample networking and WEB based commercial from Cannon eInstitute.  Just Click here to view it.

One of the biggest gripes we have at Cannon eInstitute is the lack of professionalism exhibited by many of our competitors.  They refuse to research the history of marketing and sales, they refuse to invest the time and money to validate their concepts, processes, procedures and tools through evidence based research, and they refuse to disclose their success and failure rates to the individuals who foolishly enroll with them.  Some of their work is so ineffective and corny, it would be laughable if not for the harm they cause to aspiring entrepreneurs and would be sales professionals.

Often, when attending networking events, we see these frauds stand-up and speak about doing an “Introduction” or “Elevator Speech”.

An introduction is what one speaker provides to another. You could stretch it and say that you are “Introducing your company, product or service and yourself” but what does that buy you?  Unless your name is Brad Pit, Angelina Jolee or Barack Obama, no one cares.

An elevator speech is what you say when someone asks, “What do you do?”  You can use your elevator speech at a networking event for a commercial, but it will get real old, real fast. My elevator speech inevitably generates manyleads while I am sitting at the table or out on a social event.  When I am standing up and addressing the network meeting attendees, I want a powerful, compelling and emotional commercial that will make people smile, laugh, maybe shed a tear and, most importantly, perform a buying action.  My commercials ALWAYS generate leads, most of them qualified prospects.

In our revised MM-B-240 Composing Compelling Commercials Learning Unit, there are two secrets our competitors have yet to discover; :Ideal Customer Profiling” and “Communication Targeting”.  When composing effective commercials, you must know who it is you want to move emotionally and what you want them to feel, do, prioritize and learn. With this planning, composing powerful, innovative and fun commercials becomes a great deal easier.

There are many other secrets to composing compelling commercials embedded in the video tutorial learning unit.  To learn more about this revised Learning Unit, click here to the read description.  Then follow the directions to order and receive the Learning Unit that will give you more opportunities to sell your products and services to more qualified prospects.