Time Optimization & Overcoming Objections, Barriers and Obstacles

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The Last Two Workshops – Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan

Two fictions became apparent at the last two CeI workshops.

  1. Almost everyone has their plan for the year laid out perfectly.  They know exactly what they will be doing to increase their net sales revenue and therefore attending the CeI 2014 Future Forum was not necessary.
  2. Almost everyone has their days planned out and their time optimized and therefore getting up early on a Saturday morning to attend a workshop would not be as productive as sleeping-in.

During both workshops, it became apparent that when only a few attend, those who do attend, get more out of the program.

The last workshop of 2013 and the first workshop of 2014 were about effectively planning your work and working your plan.   The workshops were about increasing your ROT (Return-On-Time).   These were  “Empowerment Workshops”.

During the “Time Optimization” workshop, the workshop participants learned how to increase their productive time each week by at least 5 hours.  This means if their income from their business is $60,000/year, they can expect, from time optimization alone, to increase their income by $150/week.  When you consider that the workshop costs only $99.00 for new students (the non-discounted price) the return-on-investment for the year is about $7,700.00.  Of course, they could use that “gained time” for pleasure also.

Overcoming Indifference and the other Objections, Barriers and Obstacles

The workshop on the 25th  and 27th of January is on “Overcoming Objections, Barriers and Obstacles”.
The foundation for this workshop is the 18 processes of Advanced Sales.

  1. Care
  2. Care
  3. Care
  4. Prepare
  5. Prepare
  6. Prepare
  7. See The People
  8. See The People
  9. See The People
  10. Ask Questions
  11. Ask Questions
  12. Ask Questions
  13. Listen
  14. Listen
  15. Listen
  16. Follow-up
  17. Follow-up
  18. Follow-up

While those abridged headings are repeated for memory retention, they are also expanded for further definition.

  1. Care first about yourself and your family – You are in business to increase your income, your financial security and the welfare  of your family.
  2. Care about your business, your industry, and your reputation; “Be Real” and “Be Honest”
  3. Care, “RE:ALLY CARE” about your customers and your clients.  We sell products to customers and services to clients.
  4. Prepare – Become a Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales Professional. Create Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales Tools that will make selling your product as easy as giving gifts.
  5. Prepare – Become the expert on your products and/or services; know the sizzle.  The sizzle consists of the benefits your products and/or services provide to your customers/clients.
  6. Prepare – – Become an expert on your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses and the weaknesses of their strengths.
  7. See the People – – Network, attend conventions and trade shows, engage people EVERYWHERE.  Have fun and be fun.
  8. See the People – Use Social Media and blogs to interact with suspects, prospects, customers, clients, friends and family.
  9. See the People – Present your products and services every chance you get.
  10. Ask Questions – Selling is not telling, selling is asking.  Prepare your Probes; the questions that bring to the surface the benefits (pleasure) of your products and services.
  11. Ask Questions – Never argue or debate.  Bring people to your conclusion by leading them with their own answers.
  12. Ask Questions – Move suspects and prospects, motivate them, EMOTIONALLY. 
  13. Listen with your ears — to their words, their tone of voice, and to their needs, wants and desires.
  14. Listen with your eyes — read their body language and physiognomy (facial expressions)
  15. Listen with your heart; draw out and reflect feelings – – EMPATHIZE.
  16. Follow-up with calls — let them know you care more about them than selling your products or services.
  17. Follow-up with emails, blogs and white papers;  provide valuable information that will help them have a better future.  Also, remind them when they need to replenish their supply of your products or services.
  18. Follow-up with humor and compelling stories.  Be interesting and  a “Master Entertainer.

Scripting the response to EVERY objections, barriers or obstacle you face when you are trying to sell your products or services is part of Process 4; Becoming an Advanced Sales Professional.

By the way, I am confident because I am prepared.  Please do not confuse confidence with arrogance.  If I were not confident that I can help you, I could not continue to do, what I do, for so many.  Those who know me, really know me, know that I have given more, and paid the price for it, than most, if not all, of my contemporaries.


This workshop starts with a challenge.

  1. Click here to download the CeI PRIMARY OBJECTION, BARRIER or OBSTACLE FORM.
  2. On that form write down the one objection, barrier or obstacle you fear most when attempting to market or sell your product or service. 
  3. Enter your name and contact information. 
  4. Save the form on your computer under a new name
  5. Click on Submit By Email to CeI or email the form as an attachment to: Enroll@CannoneInstititue.com
  6. The script for overcoming that Objection, Barrier or Obstacle, and many others, will be completed at the workshop. 

Like magic, you will make the objection, barrier or obstacle disappear.

Day, Date and Time:  Saturday, January 25, 2013, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Lunch is included)
Alternate Day, Date and Time: Monday, January 27, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Dinner is included)
Location: The Rib Trader Restaurant – 2710 East Chapman – Orange, CA 92869
Cost: $99.00
Discounts (Only one Discount Can be Applied):
Early Enrollment Discount (Before January 22, 2013) $60.00 You Pay only $39.00
Strategic Alliance Participant Discount: – $70.00. You Pay Only $29.00
Previous Learning Unit Student Discount – $65.00 You Pay Only $34.00
Discount if you have Attended a Previous CeI Workshop – $65.00 You Pay Only $34.00

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