Good Decisions

A “good” decision is made based upon all available facts and made when it needs to be made.  While it is still under study, approximately 92% of good decisions turn out to be the “right”; that is the outcome is what was desired.  Bad decisions are based only upon gut feel, intuition.  The study in progress demonstrates that bad decisions, on the average, turn out to be right about 56%.  Apparently, some people have good intuition.

I pay a $1.97 a gallon equivalent for the natural gas that drives my vehicle and I ride in the car pool lane all by myself.  It is a Honda Civic GX/NGV.  Getting rid of my BMW 740 IL and BUYING my Natural Gas Vehicle was a good decision.  I researched it, obtained all the available facts and ordered the vehicle from a dealer that did not require a deposit.  The wait was about five months.  During that time, I continued my research.  When it came time to purchase the vehicle, I was confident the decisions would turn out to be right.  I have saved thousands of dollars on fuel and I have passed thousands of cars on the freeways as I travel from program participant to program participant.

Every Cannon eInstitute business development program participant has increased their net sales revenue by much more than the cost of their participation fee and the time they have invested. Eight 2012 participants reported net sales revenue increases greater than $100,000.  They researched the decision, they read the testimonials, some talked with other participants. THEY made a good decision and enrolled.

While, at this time, there are no openings in our current Strategic Alliance program, an aspiring entrepreneur or sales professional can take individual learning units.  Each Learning Unit teaches a single skill that can be used to immediately increase sales opportunities and take more profitable sales orders.

For example, for just $35.00, plus tax, you can learn how to compose elevator speeches, one-minute seminars and networking/Internet commercials.  You get the book, interactive, email based, consulting with a CeI Professor or Instructor and help generating the three sales tools featured in the learning Unit (MM-B-200 Composing Compelling Elevator Speeches, One-Minute Seminars and Networking Commercials).  When you have completed this Learning Unit you will have an elevator speech you love, a one-minute seminar that differentiates you from your competitors and motivates potential prospects with a strong call-to-action, and a networking commercial you can use whenever you are given the opportunity at conventions and networking meetings.

To purchase MM-B-200 just click on the “Store” tab, click on products and select MM-B-200 “The Book”.  If you have any challenge enrolling and downloading your copy of the ebook, just email me at

You can also get a copy of SLS-B-100 Basic Sales a Review and Advanced Sales an Introduction, listed in our store at $25.00, for FREE.  Just send your name and contact information by email to  The subject of your email must be “FREE SLS-B-100”.  You will be enrolled as a CeI Participant and receive valuable information through this blog and our quarterly Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales Forum eNewsletter.

“When”, I ask myself often, “are the non-participants I encounter, going to start making good decisions?”

It costs you NOTHING to become a CeI participant and only $35.00 to learn how to compose compelling elevator speeches, one-minute seminars and commercials. It costs you nothing to speak with me and create a successful business development plan.

Don’t wait, Don’t Hesitate, Don’t Delay – Enroll Today.  I don’t care if you are broke or suffering other monetary restraints… email me, lets get you started.




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