When You Are Ready

As a driven individual it is hard to understand those who are not.  My obsession is with the success of the Cannon eInstitute participants.  Once you enroll, you understand what it means to have someone who is a coach, counselor, consultant, copy writer, trainer, motivator, mentor, monitor, innovator, technical writer, web site designer, customer relationship database configuration expert,  marketing campaign designer and implementer, speaker and researcher on your team.  The many strong testimonials CeI posts are proof positive that success in a legitimate small business or sales position is a high probability. [We are not permitted by law to guarantee your success.]

Almost every CeI participant is driven to success and they persist toward the goals of increasing qualified prospect leads, sales conversions (prospects to customers and customers to friends) and profits. 

The success of CeI, for those who study and work with their CeI Instructors, Professors and counselors in developing effective sales tools, and implement those tools, is IRREFUTABLE.  All of this is why is was difficult for me to understand those who fail to enroll.  Then, while talking to  a prospect, the prospect provided an epiphany; those prospects who disregard the obvious are not ready to learn.  They are not ready to take the proven path and instead want to explore on their own.  They don’t need, want or desire to invest the time and tuition/consulting fee to achieve the success they profess to seek.  It is not that they doubt CeI or our capability, it is that they are just not ready.

For those of you who are reading this blog, when you are ready to explore a different future, call 714 742-4900 and lets schedule a chat.

The only warning I have is, “Don’t wait until it is too late”.

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