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This site is for those who want to build a bigger and better book of business. This site is for organizations and individuals who want to improve their income by improving their human equity (i.e. value to clients, customers, family, working associates and friends).

The results of the Cannon eInstitute Business Development programs are:


In 2010 through 2012 we collected more than 400 testimonials and references from 400 different program participants. Our average increase in sales and profits was audited at 68% (2012) with many participants reporting sales and profit increases in the ranges of 100% to over 500%.

In 2012 eight Cannon EInstitute Strategic Alliance Program participants reported net sales increases in excess of $100,000.  In 2013 an additional four Cannon eInstitute Strategic Alliance Program participants reported net sales increases in excess of $100,000.  Between 2013 and 2021 we were too busy helping our program participants to keep track of our success.  Now, you, and your business, must qualify as a Cannon EInstitute participant.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day – Let’s make business success happen for you.

FLEXIBLE – CeI Provides Three Paths to Business Success

The CeI Strategic Alliance Program

To be accepted as an Active Strategic Alliance Program Participant (ASAPP) your business must pass a very detailed “proof of concept”.  Passing the Proof of Concept means your business can, statistically, achieve a $100,000.00 increase in net sales revenue in a 12 month period.

Once accepted as an CeI ASAPP you will receive one-on-one Training, Testing, Monitoring, Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling, Consulting, Copy Writing, Innovation, Motivation,  Researching and Configuration.  Each week a CeI Instructor or Professor meets with you to review your business status against your annual plan (goals, objectives, missions, metrics, resources, dates and durations – GOMMeR DDs). Every week, you and your CeI instructor or Professor will create a micro-marketing or advanced sales tool that, step-by-step, leads to business success.

Every week you will report to your CeI Instructor or Professor what worked, what did not work, what you learned, what you need to know, and the implementation changes you plan for the next week.  Your CeI Instructor or Professor will offer additional suggestions on tool usage that will result in increased business success.

This program continues, week-after-week, until you have satisfied the graduation requirements (a $100,000 increase in net sales revenue within a 12 month period).

Independent Learning Units

If you cannot qualify for Strategic Alliance Program Participation, all is not lost.  You can select individual Learning Units, each designed to increase the success of a business segment.

For example. . .

You can learn how to overcome objections, barriers and obstacles by preparing response scripts called QPSQs.  You will compose scripts for every objection, barrier or obstacle you have faced or could face in the future.   You will practice delivering these scripts until you are 100% confident you are ready to shift the paradigm of your most reluctant prospects.  This learning-unit (video tutorial and OBO/QPSQ form) is priced at $49.50.  If you purchase this learning unit before May 1, 2014, your price is only $19.50.

You can learn how to create a generic.  With that generic, you can then compose and deliver an eye opening, interesting and buying action motivating elevator speech.  Interest in your products or services increases with each recital and, eventually, you overtake your competition and begin to realize a substantial increase in sales opportunities.  This learning-unit (Video Tutorial and Elevator Speech Composition form) is reasonably priced at $49.50.  Again, if you purchase this learning unit before May 1, 2014, your price is only $19.50.

You can learn how to create and deliver compelling networking commercials for your local chamber of commerce or other networking organization meetings.  Commercials that move your audience emotionally to perform a buying action.  You will have more fun at networking meetings and you will have more sales opportunities.  This learning-unit (video tutorial and commercial composition form), again, is reasonably priced at $49.50.  And, again, if you purchase this learning unit before May 1, 2014, your price is only $19.50.

You can learn how to compose and deliver a one-minute seminar covering your products or services.  The one-minute seminar:

  1. Employs your generic,
  2. Sets you above and ahead of your competition,
  3. Builds the perception of value for your product or service above the price, and,
  4. Presents a no “NO” and very strong “call-to-action”.

Using the one-minute seminar, a very powerful advanced micro-marketing tool, you will very skillfully bring your prospect to a buying action conclusion.  This learning-unit (video tutorial and one-minute seminar composition form) is priced at $65.50.  Again, if you purchase this learning unit before May 1, 2014, your price is only $24.50.

More than 300 Micro-Marketing, Advanced Sales and Employment Acquisition Tools

On this site you can download and complete learning-unit after learning-unit, each designed to provide a skill and tool that will increase your profitable sales.   There will be more than 300 Micro-Marketing, Advanced Sales, Empowerment and Job Acquisition Learning-Units.  You take each Learning-Unit and, with each completion, become a more proficient professional.

If you live or work in the Southern California region, you can attend one of our live workshops on Monday and Thursday evenings. To read a description of each workshop, click on “Workshops” above. To view the Calendar, click on “Calendar” above. Soon these workshops will be offered live through the Internet.

Allow the Ghost Communicator to Prepare Your Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales Tools.

Cannon eInstitute is first and foremost a research institute with emphasis on business development for the entrepreneur and sales professional.

The keys to the success of the Cannon Business Development Programs is Hybrid Vocational Education©, Forms Based Training and the stringent Cannon eInstitute Qualification Process.  However, some clients prefer to have the Ghost Communicator prepare their micro-marketing and advanced sales tools.  From generics and elevator speeches to Power Sales Presentations (the launch, the survey and the summary), the Ghost Communicator:

  1. Rapidly researches your industry, business, products, services, competitors and customers/clients.
  2. Prepares your advanced, custom sales and micro-marketing tools.
  3. Prepares you for optimum use of each micro-marketing and advanced sales tool.

Call today and schedule a counseling appointment.

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Cannon EInstitute is primarily a research organization – seeking and finding new solutions to small and medium sized business development.  One of the primary obstacles to small business success is a disruptive home life.  For this reason, the Empowerment Division of Cannon EInstitute has developed the extensive  “Making Your Relationship More Magical” program.  This program provides advanced communication and mood management tools that not only help make your relationship with your significant other magical, they also make rapid relationship development with suspects, prospects and clients more powerful.  Anyone who has been in sales for a year or more understands the power of strong relationships.


If you can complete an employment application, you can become a micro-marketing and sales professional, you can power up your life, you can become a successful entrepreneur and, if you want, you can become proficient in acquiring the highest paying employment opportunities.  Click here to learn more about Hybrid Vocational Education.


The FOUR eCOLLEGES of Cannon eInstitute

Currently CeI Consists of four eColleges (see tabs above); eCollege of Advanced Sales, eCollege of Micro-Marketing, eCollege of Empowerment and the eCollege of Employment Acquisition.  These eColleges are interrelated and the processes, procedures, tools and concepts are shared between the colleges.  An individual and a sales team must be empowered to confidently implement a powerful, effective and sales generating advanced marketing and sales campaign.  An individual and/or sales team must be efficient with Micro-Marketing tools to effectively generate as many as 180 qualified prospect leads each month.  That individual and team must understand the necessity of an integrated Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales Campaigns  to realize the optimum Return-on-Investment (RoI) and Return-on-Time (RoT).

CeI is primarily a Research Institute focused on continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the tools, processes, procedures and concepts we teach and employ.  This is why, at CeI, we do not have students; everyone is considered a “Participant”.  At CeI the words “Efficiency” and “Effectiveness” mean a continuous improvement of sales volume and profitability.

Unlike traditional colleges, universities and trade schools, Cannon eInstitute does not focus on graduating individuals or completing the training of sales teams.  We focus on sales efficiency; quantity of sales, sales volume and sales profitability.  When an applicant becomes a participant, we record his or her income for the month and the year prior to enrollment.  We then set a net income goal/position/metric for that Participant, or Team of Participants, and work diligently to achieve that goal.

Graduation at CeI depends on Achieved Income.

Bachelors Degree = $100,000.00 Annual Increase in Net Revenue (EBITDA = Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization).

Masters Degreee = $250,000.00 Annual Increase in Net Revenue (EBITDA)

Doctorate (PhD) = $1,000,000 Annual Increase in Net Revenue (EBITDA).

The Cannon eCollege of Job Acquisition employs Micro-Marketing tools to:

  1. Identify potential employers.
  2. Introduce the Participant to qualified employers generating interest and motivating interview scheduling.

Then, the CeI Job Acquisition eCollege then provides advanced sales training that:

  1. Prepares the Participant with advanced interviewing skills (the Qualification Presentation)
  2. Debriefs the Participant after the interview providing guidance on post interview letter/email composition.

Just as in the eColleges of Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales, there is no “NO!” when the tools, processes, procedures and concepts of the eCollege of Job Acquisition are employed.  This means when you interview, you interview with confidence, poise and professionalism.

To learn more about, and enroll, in a Cannon eInstitute eCollege, just click on any of the Tabs above.

Carpe Diem – Quam Minimum Credula Postero
Seize the Day – Trusting as Little as Possible in the Next

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, act before it is too late.  Everyday you delay your competitor is collecting your pay!

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To validate the credibility of the CeI programs, click here and read a few of the 300+ CeI Testimonials.

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