SLS-B-100 Basic Sales a Review and Advanced Sales an Introduction – Application Diary Form

Application Diary Form
SLS-B-100 Tools

Cannon eInstitute has studied the processes of Marketing and Sales for more than 50 years.  Our processes, procedures, concepts and tools have been fully tested in the field to ensure they generate the interest from prospects qualified geographically, demographically, psychographically.  The preparation is so complete, there will be no “No!” from your prospects when you engage, present and perform calls to action.
There are individuals who profess to be sales trainers and consultants.  When you encounter these individuals ask for proof in the form of references and testimonials.  You will that most they try to dodge the question.  Cannon eInstitute lists just a few of the testimonials and references received almost everyday.  More importantly, CeI will continue to work with you to meet and exceed every objective you define when enroll in either a learning unit or full program.

The sales professional builds a “sales practice “just like a doctor builds a medical practice and a lawyer builds a legal practice. It can take months or it can take years.

SLS-B-100 cuts the time to build your sales practice significantly resulting in a more rapid increase in sales volume and profitability.

This Learning Unit:

  • Reviews basic professional selling concepts, processes, and procedures
  • Introduces the Micro-Marketing discipline
  • Provides a checklist of what you must know to be an expert in your field
  • Provides an outline of the Power Presentation
  • Introduces more than 25 professional selling tools.

Estimated Time to Complete (TTC): 20 Hours (Reading) – Price for the Book $25.00
Live Training Program (LTP): 9 Hours (3 Sessions of 3 Hours) –
Price for Webinar Training $350.00.
Price for On Location Training $450.00/Participant + Travel and Lodging Expenses
Knowledge Retention Test: $100.00 (Includes Instructor/Professor Review and Comments)
Application Diary Form: $35.00 (Includes Instructor/Professor Review and Comments)

Online Purchasing of this Application Diary Form is currently restricted.  To purchase this form Please call 714.742.4900.  Thank You.

Price: $35.00

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