Overcoming Objections, Barriers and Obstacles

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It does not matter if you are, or you want to be, a sales professional, EVERYONE needs to have the skill to overcome Objections, barriers and obstacles.  Life is so much easier and calmer, when you have this powerful negotiation skill.

Closeitis; the decease that kills sales and sales careers.

Rule 1: Selling is not telling; Selling is Asking.
Rule 2: Never Close a Sale – Open Accounts, Maintain Accounts, Take Sales Order After Sales Order, After Sales Order.
Rule 3. When a prospect feels you care more about yourself and the sale than you do about the prospect’s future and feelings, you will not make a sale and you will lose the opportunity to make a new, long term friend.  The Corollary: When the prospect feels you care more about his or her future and feelings, you will make the sale (take the order) AND you will create a friendship that will be mutually beneficial for as long as you live.
Rule 4. People generally don’t buy logically, People Buy Emotionally.
Rule 5. If your company, product, service or industry require you to make the sale in the first encounter with a suspect or prospect, in other words a “pressure sale”, get another company, product, or service or change industries.  The logic and emotional appeal of your products and services should be sufficient to gently guide the prospect to a comfortable buying decision and action.

The CeI Power Sales Presentation is designed to bring the prospect logically and emotionally to the buying action.  If, at the end of a sales presentation, you hear, “I need time to think it over”, “I need to discuss this with my partner”, “I need to do some research”, “I cannot afford this purchase at this time” or any other delaying or denying comment, you failed to:

  1. Sufficiently Demonstrate Value Above Price.
  2. Sufficiently Prove Credibility
  3. Establish Trust
  4. Establish Confidence
  5. Establish Rapport

You can still make the sale comfortably, without pressure and in a manner that leaves your new customer with the feeling a good decision and a positive action were taken.  The key is “preparation”; being prepared with scripts that help you overcome ALL foreseeable objections, barriers and obstacles.  Creating a list of Objections, Barriers and Obstacles, we call them OBOs, is a start.  Then, preparing a CeI QPSQ  Script, ensure you can immediately overcome the OBO while:

  1. Demonstrating more value above price
  2. Demonstrating your credibility, the credibility of your products and/or services and your organization’s credibility
  3. Establishing MORE TRUST
  4. Establishing MORE CONFIDENCE
  5. Establishing MORE RAPPORT

During this workshop you will not only learn how to overcome OBOs, you will create the scripts for your primary OBOs and you will practice-to-perfection effective delivery.

Day and Date:  Saturday, January 25 , 2013
Location: The Rib Trader Restaurant – 2710 East Chapman – Orange, CA 92869
Time:  8:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Cost: $99.00 (Includes a lite breakfast)
Discounts (Only one Discount Can be Applied):
Early Enrollment Discount (Before January 11, 2013) $40.00 ($99 – $40  – You Pay Only $59.00)
Strategic Alliance Participant Discount: – $60.00 ($99 – $60 – You Pay Only $39.00)
Previous Learning Unit Student Discount – $50.00 ($99-$50 – You Pay Only $$49.00)

Online Purchasing Participation in this Workshop is currently restricted.  To enroll, Please call 714.742.4900.  Thank You.

For the Strategic Alliance Participant discount or the Learning Unit Student Discount you will need to register by phone or emai.

To Register by phone or email. . .

Cindy Bender, CeI Editor & Registrar, 714.948.0265
Laura Cannon, CeI Registrar, 714.883.9590
CJ Kagamaster, CeI Editor & Registrar, 949.683.5251

Price: $99.00$59.00
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