MM-B-240 Composing Compelling Live Networking and Web Based Commercials

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Generate more qualified prospects through effective and compelling commercials.

This CeI Learning Unit is the most comprehensive tutorial on composing compelling commercials.  In this learning Unit you will learn:

  1. How Hybrid Education is Superior to Legacy Training in Knowledge Transfer and Skills Development.
  2. How to employ “Micro-Marketing” to achieve brand awareness your market micro-segment.
  3. The 18 Processes of Advanced Professional Sales.
  4. How to Optimize the Micro-Marketing and Sales Experience
  5. The Basic Tools of Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales
  6. How to Optimize Your Time by Tracking your Return-On-Time (ROT)
  7. How “Forms Based Training” optimizes the home study experience.
  8. How to communicate with your Copy Writing Instructor during composition and evaluation of your networking and web based commercial.
  9. How to Keep Organized with a Professional Micro-Marketing & Sales Tool Kit
  10. How to Create a Generic that differentiates you, your company, your products and services from those of your competitors.
  11. How to Optimize Your Micro-Marketing Campaigns and Commercials by Defining Your Ideal Customer/Client (Geographically, Demographically and Psychographically)
  12. The Secret of Time Optimization During Meetings (Communication Targeting)
  13. The Secret of Preparing Concise Commercials (Communication Targeting)
  14. Communication Targets (Emotional, Functional, Positional and Academic)
  15. The Four Segments of the Powerful and Compelling Commercial (Rapport, Benefits, Credibility and Call-to-Action)
  16. The Four Power Tools for Rapport Generation (Humor, The Compelling Story, Sharing a Common Experience, Sharing a Valuable Secret)
  17. How to Research Humor and the Compelling Story
  18. How to Share a Common Experience
  19. How to Share a Valuable Secret
  20. How to Create Sizzle from Benefits
  21. How to rapidly establish a bond with your audience using
    1. The Humor Rapport Power Tool.
    2. The Compelling Story Power Tool
    3. Common Experience Power Tool
    4. The “Valuable Secret” Power Tool
  22. How to Build Value above the Price of your products or the next buying action by demonstrating benefits using sizzle.
  23. How to demonstrate credibility to the doubting prospect and shift his or her paradigm creating for you, your company, and products and services an advocate who will purchase your products and services and sing praises about them to other prospects.
  24. How to perform a compelling “Call-To-Action”.
  25. How to Fine Tune Your One-Minute Commercial.
  26. How to Trim Your One-Minute Commercial into a 30 second version.
  27. How to Trim Your 30 Second Commercial to a 20 Second Commercial.
  28. Bow to Trim Your 20 Second Commercial into a 15 Second Commercial.
  29. How to Trim your 15 Second Commercial into a 10 Second Commercial with Impact and a Compelling Call-to-Action.
  30. How to get your commercial reviewed and enhanced by a professional CeI Copy Writer/Instructor

When you order this product, an email will be sent to our fulfillment department, they in turn will send you a link to download the following four files:

  1. MM-B-240 Composing Compelling Commercials Video Tutorial
  2. MM-B-240F Composing Compelling Commercials Composition Form
  3. Sample Web based Commercial Video
  4. MM-B-204F Sample Completed Commercial Composition Form (For the Web Based Commercial (3).

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