Handling Objections, Barriers and Obstacles – Workshop

Break the Barriers

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Overcoming Objections, Barriers and Obstacles toSales

Examples of objections, barriers or obstacles you will face, or have faced, in your sales cycle.

  1. I need to think this over.
  2. What is the difference between you and xxxxx [a competitor]
  3. Your product/service is too expensive or I cannot afford your product/service.
  4. I can acquire this product/service for less from xxxx [a direct competitor]
  5. I can acquire the raw materials and do this myself [a functional competitor]
  6. I don’t like to use the internet to purchase my products or services.
  7. Everyone else is using xxxx [most popular competitor].  Why?
  8. I have a supplier that I am happy with.
  9. I need to talk this over with my [partner, spouse, friend, associate, financial adviser, etc.]
  10. I don’t have the time right now for this.

During this workshop we will not only teach you how to compose powerful paradigm shifting scripts for overcoming these obstacles, we will help you compose scripts to overcome the objections, barriers and obstacles you have faced in your sales efforts.

Online Purchasing Participation in this Workshop is currently restricted.  To enroll, Please call 714.742.4900.  Thank You.

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