MM-X-110 – Creating Compelling Email Campaigns – Workshop

Emails should inform, instruct and entertain.  When the email is opened, it should provide  value above the price of the interruption. - - Michael Cannon

Value Above the Price of Interruption

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  1. “Positioning” is the art and science of capturing more suspect, prospect, customer and client mind share.
  2. If you are not positioned first in the mind of your customer or client, the competitor who is will acquire all the business.
  3. To be positioned first, you need to continuously  remind your suspects, prospects, customers and clients why you are the best for them.
  4. Email Campaigns and Magnetic SIC cards are two of the most inexpensive tools for establishing and maintaining mind share.
  5. HTML emails and eNewsletters are more compelling than text emails because of the pictures, colors, boxes and layouts/designs
  6. Mail Chimp is a complimentary HTML email service that provides budding entrepreneurs and sales professionals an opportunity to establish and expand mind-share (branding of their products/services).

The next CeI Workshop is on “Creating Compelling Email Campaigns”,  During this workshop you will learn how to perform the following.

  1. Set up your MailChimp Account.
  2. Select the most appropriate and effective MailChimp Template.
  3. Upload Graphics and files.
  4. Create your MailChimp Contact databases.
  5. Create effective list “footer notes” minimizing unsubscribes.
  6. Create Op-in and survey forms.
  7. Compose and deliver a “heads-up” script to get more of your emails read.
  8. Compose a compelling Subject line… this is the most important segment of your email.  A good subject invites the reader into the email and into your message.  A good subject is motivating.
  9. Set up email addresses that stand out in the inbox.
  10. Write an Introductory Statement using one of the four Rapport Building Power Tools.
  11. “Sizzilize” your benefits.
  12. Add Credibility to your message.
  13. Compose a motivating and effective call to action.
  14. Broadcast your email to multiple databases.
  15. Track the impact of your email campaign.

To get the most out of this workshop remember to bring a laptop computer and/or a USB Drive.  You will leave with a broadcast ready email campaign.

Day, Date and Time:  To be Determined (Lunch will be included)
Location: The Rib Trader Restaurant – 2710 East Chapman – Orange, CA 92869

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Price: $99.00

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