Carpe quotannis – Seize each year

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Carpe Quotannis – Seize Each Year

Personal – One-On-One Skype Training

During this workshop, working with a CeI Instructor or Professor, you will:

1. Review 2013 –
What worked, what failed, what you Knew, what you needed to know but didn’t, what was missing, and the changes you want to implement in 2014.

2. Discuss Strategies and Tactics for 2014
What those who were successful did differently in 2013 to Achieve Success,

3. Learn
How to set and analyze goals, how to assign success measurement metrics, how to define the objectives that must be achieved to reach a goal, how to define the missions that must be successfully completed to reach each objective and how to find and apply internal and external resources to help you complete each mission.

4. Come Away With GOMMs for your business/vocation
Your 2014 Goals, Objectives, Missions and Metrics

5. Have some fun and learn valuable planning techniques.

Cost: $99.00

Online Purchasing of this Learning Unit is currently restricted.  To enroll, Please call 714.742.4900.  Thank You.

Price: $99.00
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