Time Optimization Home Study Course


Time Optimization Home Study Course

Creating More Time

To gain Micro-Marketing and Professional Sales proficiency you will need an investment of time.  It is said,

“Life is a tough teacher she gives you the test first and the lesson after.”

It is also said that

“Time is tough teacher, she kills all of her pupils.”

Selling, as a profession, requires a fairly large investment of time.  This seminar is not about “Managing” time, it is about “OPTIMIZING YOUR TIME.” The objective of this seminar is to increase your time by 5 productive hours each and every week of 2014.

If you want to know what you can do with an additional 15 hours each week, if you want to eliminate the time pressures that cause you stress and anxiety and lead to most of your frustrations, this is a seminar you don’t want to miss.

You will learn….

  1. How, through the use of a very comprehensive CeI Proprietary form, you can expertly plan each day, prioritizing your time investments for optimum ROT (Return-On-Time)
  2. How to Organize daily objectives, commitments and challenges so that your focus is maintained and progress can be easily tracked.
  3. How to more effectively log accomplishments.
  4. How, with just a few words, you can record a “point of departure” statement that facilitates rapid continuation of an interrupted task even if the task was interrupted for months or years.
  5. How, through the use of a Daily Point of Departure statement, you can gain absolute continuity from day-to-day thus creating more productive  hours each day.
  6. How the Daily Log can be used to defuse counter productive behavior and increase team comradery and cooperation.
  7. How  you can more effectively delegate and relegate missions, tasks, challenges and commitments to “Internal” and “External” resources; some of which you have never previously considered.
  8.  How to have absolute and continued visibility of products and services owed to you by others.
  9. How to have absolute and continued visibility of the deliverables you owe others: ensuring all of your promises are kept.
  10. How a directory of policies, decisions, practices can help you eliminate end-of-project delays.
  11. How to capture and use time efficiency tools and processes contained on the Internet.
  12. How to use Time Optimization to improve your image with VIPs.
  13. How to read co-workers in a manner that improves communication efficiency
  14. The Secret of the “Plus One Theory.

You will also learn how to reflect on each day, recording your Highs and Lows and how to use this information to improve your relationships with family and friends.

With this Seminar you will receive….

  1. The CeI Time Optimization Learning Unit Guide (EMP-B-310)
  2. The CeI Daily Plan and Resume of Accomplishments (DePRA) form.

Online Purchasing of this Learning Unit is currently restricted.  To enroll, Please call 714.742.4900.  Thank You.

Price: $89.00
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