Secret Power Tools For Teenagers = Getting Your Way The Easy Way

High School and College can be a social challenge or you can master the tools that will make you popular and powerful.

The Cannon EInstitute Power-Up Program for Teenagers provides you tools, concepts, processes, and procedures that should have been included in your curriculum during your freshman year in High School.  It’s not there, but that’s the good news.  Now you have the opportunity to obtain a social advantage.

Just glance over the subjects listed below and determine if this information will help you overcome the challenges you are currently facing.


SubjectNumber For Young Ladies For Young Gentlemen
1 The Two Secrets All Young Ladies Should Know About Men The Two Secrets All Young Gentlemen Should Know About Ladies
2 Defining Who You Are and Who You Want to Be – Setting Your Goals Defining Who You Are and Who You Want to Be – Setting Your Goals
3 Powerful Affective and Reflective Listening Powerful Affective and Reflective Listening
4 Listening Better with Your Ears Listening Better with Your Ears
5 Listening with Your Eyes; Reading Body Language and Physiognomy (Facial Expressions) Listening with Your Eyes; Reading Body Language and Physiognomy (Facial Expressions)
6 Listening and Reflecting with Your Heart; Learning and Practicing REAL Empathy Listening and Reflecting with Your Heart; Learning and Practicing REAL Empathy
7 Dealing Effectively with Condescending Behavior Dealing Effectively with Condescending Behavior
8 Developing the Life Host Mentality; Standing Out in a Crowd Developing the Life Host Mentality; Standing Out in a Crowd
9 Developing the Life Host Mentality; Environmental Assessment Developing the Life Host Mentality; Environmental Assessment
10 Developing the Life Host Mentality; Building and Radiating REAL Confidence – For Young Ladies Developing the Life Host Mentality; Building and Radiating REAL Confidence – For Young Gentlemen
11 Developing the Life Host Mentality; Developing a REAL and POWERFUL interest in life and in others Developing the Life Host Mentality; Developing a REAL and POWERFUL interest in life and in others
12 Developing the Life Host Mentality; Engagement Questions – Starting Interesting, Fun and Entertaining Conversations Developing the Life Host Mentality; Engagement Questions – Starting Interesting, Fun and Entertaining Conversations
13 Dealing with Sexual Advances Dealing with Sexual Advances
14 Developing the Life Host Mentality;The games that make boring parties much more fun. Developing the Life Host Mentality;The games that make boring parties much more fun.
15 Defining Your IDEAL Life, Ideal Boyfriend, Ideal Husband, and Ideal Family Defining Your IDEAL Life, Ideal Girlfriend, Ideal Wife, and Ideal Family
16 Developing the Life Host Mentality;Your Responsibilities as a Leader Developing the Life Host Mentality;Your Responsibilities as a Leader

To learn more and enroll in this program, call me personally, Mike Cannon – 714.742.4900

A New Definition of Crazy

Crazy, according to Einstein, is performing the same task, in the same manner, and expecting different results.   Now, there is a Crazy definition for small and medium sized business.

It is highly unlikely that a mechanic without tools could effectively maintain your vehicle.  Yet, so many small and medium sized businesses do not possess a fully stocked Micro-Marketing and Sales Tool Kit.  In fact, most business individuals we encounter don’t event know what a Micro-Marketing and Sales Tool Kit is.

That’s kind of like when you ask the question, “Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?” and you get the answer, “Tunnel, What Tunnel?”

“Crazy is going into, or remaining in, business without the tools you need to

  1. Gain and increase mind share in your prospect/customer/client population
  2. Use those tools effectively and continuously to increase sales opportunities.
  3. Use those tools to eliminate the “No” or “Not Now” in the sales transaction.
  4. Increase Profitable Sales!

Click this link and download the CeI 2016 Basics Program Catalog.

Basics Program-160325

Crazy is waiting to enroll when, every year, the cost of the program doubles.  Currently, all 30 tools are guaranteed to you if you enroll and participate weekly in the program for one year.  The program is on a continuous cycle so if you miss a class this year, you can make up it next year.  Each class features a new tool, perfection of a tool, or practice using a tool.

Starting in April, 2016 – the program will be offered live in Irvine, California and online at

The catalog is free.  Just review each tool and ask yourself a few simple questions.

  1. Do I have this tool?
  2. Will this tool logically help me obtain more qualified leads, generate interest in my products and/or services and help me obtain profitable sales orders, one and another, after another and so on.
  3. Will I succeed as well without this tool.

Again, starting in April, you take the program at live our location or you can elect to log into “Go To Training” and learn online. The cost is $100.00 per month for 12 months.  When you enroll, your price is fixed for the duration of the program.  If you wait to enroll, the price increases in October to $200.00/month for 12 months.

Your competitors hope you will not only wait until October to enroll but also that forget about the opportunity.  The longer you wait, the more of your profits they can acquire.

To make it easy to enroll, just call Mike Cannon – 714.742.4900.  He will enroll you over the phone.  No forms to fill out unless you want to… All you do is sign a Tuition authorization for the program and then start attending.

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t delay enroll today!

Let’s make your business a great success.

Composing Compelling Commercials – Fun, Exciting, Interest Generating and Buying Action Motivating

A Sample Compelling Commercial

A Sample Compelling Commercial

Here is the latest sample networking and WEB based commercial from Cannon eInstitute.  Just Click here to view it.

One of the biggest gripes we have at Cannon eInstitute is the lack of professionalism exhibited by many of our competitors.  They refuse to research the history of marketing and sales, they refuse to invest the time and money to validate their concepts, processes, procedures and tools through evidence based research, and they refuse to disclose their success and failure rates to the individuals who foolishly enroll with them.  Some of their work is so ineffective and corny, it would be laughable if not for the harm they cause to aspiring entrepreneurs and would be sales professionals.

Often, when attending networking events, we see these frauds stand-up and speak about doing an “Introduction” or “Elevator Speech”.

An introduction is what one speaker provides to another. You could stretch it and say that you are “Introducing your company, product or service and yourself” but what does that buy you?  Unless your name is Brad Pit, Angelina Jolee or Barack Obama, no one cares.

An elevator speech is what you say when someone asks, “What do you do?”  You can use your elevator speech at a networking event for a commercial, but it will get real old, real fast. My elevator speech inevitably generates manyleads while I am sitting at the table or out on a social event.  When I am standing up and addressing the network meeting attendees, I want a powerful, compelling and emotional commercial that will make people smile, laugh, maybe shed a tear and, most importantly, perform a buying action.  My commercials ALWAYS generate leads, most of them qualified prospects.

In our revised MM-B-240 Composing Compelling Commercials Learning Unit, there are two secrets our competitors have yet to discover; :Ideal Customer Profiling” and “Communication Targeting”.  When composing effective commercials, you must know who it is you want to move emotionally and what you want them to feel, do, prioritize and learn. With this planning, composing powerful, innovative and fun commercials becomes a great deal easier.

There are many other secrets to composing compelling commercials embedded in the video tutorial learning unit.  To learn more about this revised Learning Unit, click here to the read description.  Then follow the directions to order and receive the Learning Unit that will give you more opportunities to sell your products and services to more qualified prospects.


Time Optimization & Overcoming Objections, Barriers and Obstacles

Mike and LiliDePRA Form Displayed

The Last Two Workshops – Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan

Two fictions became apparent at the last two CeI workshops.

  1. Almost everyone has their plan for the year laid out perfectly.  They know exactly what they will be doing to increase their net sales revenue and therefore attending the CeI 2014 Future Forum was not necessary.
  2. Almost everyone has their days planned out and their time optimized and therefore getting up early on a Saturday morning to attend a workshop would not be as productive as sleeping-in.

During both workshops, it became apparent that when only a few attend, those who do attend, get more out of the program.

The last workshop of 2013 and the first workshop of 2014 were about effectively planning your work and working your plan.   The workshops were about increasing your ROT (Return-On-Time).   These were  “Empowerment Workshops”.

During the “Time Optimization” workshop, the workshop participants learned how to increase their productive time each week by at least 5 hours.  This means if their income from their business is $60,000/year, they can expect, from time optimization alone, to increase their income by $150/week.  When you consider that the workshop costs only $99.00 for new students (the non-discounted price) the return-on-investment for the year is about $7,700.00.  Of course, they could use that “gained time” for pleasure also.

Overcoming Indifference and the other Objections, Barriers and Obstacles

The workshop on the 25th  and 27th of January is on “Overcoming Objections, Barriers and Obstacles”.
The foundation for this workshop is the 18 processes of Advanced Sales.

  1. Care
  2. Care
  3. Care
  4. Prepare
  5. Prepare
  6. Prepare
  7. See The People
  8. See The People
  9. See The People
  10. Ask Questions
  11. Ask Questions
  12. Ask Questions
  13. Listen
  14. Listen
  15. Listen
  16. Follow-up
  17. Follow-up
  18. Follow-up

While those abridged headings are repeated for memory retention, they are also expanded for further definition.

  1. Care first about yourself and your family – You are in business to increase your income, your financial security and the welfare  of your family.
  2. Care about your business, your industry, and your reputation; “Be Real” and “Be Honest”
  3. Care, “RE:ALLY CARE” about your customers and your clients.  We sell products to customers and services to clients.
  4. Prepare – Become a Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales Professional. Create Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales Tools that will make selling your product as easy as giving gifts.
  5. Prepare – Become the expert on your products and/or services; know the sizzle.  The sizzle consists of the benefits your products and/or services provide to your customers/clients.
  6. Prepare – – Become an expert on your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses and the weaknesses of their strengths.
  7. See the People – – Network, attend conventions and trade shows, engage people EVERYWHERE.  Have fun and be fun.
  8. See the People – Use Social Media and blogs to interact with suspects, prospects, customers, clients, friends and family.
  9. See the People – Present your products and services every chance you get.
  10. Ask Questions – Selling is not telling, selling is asking.  Prepare your Probes; the questions that bring to the surface the benefits (pleasure) of your products and services.
  11. Ask Questions – Never argue or debate.  Bring people to your conclusion by leading them with their own answers.
  12. Ask Questions – Move suspects and prospects, motivate them, EMOTIONALLY. 
  13. Listen with your ears — to their words, their tone of voice, and to their needs, wants and desires.
  14. Listen with your eyes — read their body language and physiognomy (facial expressions)
  15. Listen with your heart; draw out and reflect feelings – – EMPATHIZE.
  16. Follow-up with calls — let them know you care more about them than selling your products or services.
  17. Follow-up with emails, blogs and white papers;  provide valuable information that will help them have a better future.  Also, remind them when they need to replenish their supply of your products or services.
  18. Follow-up with humor and compelling stories.  Be interesting and  a “Master Entertainer.

Scripting the response to EVERY objections, barriers or obstacle you face when you are trying to sell your products or services is part of Process 4; Becoming an Advanced Sales Professional.

By the way, I am confident because I am prepared.  Please do not confuse confidence with arrogance.  If I were not confident that I can help you, I could not continue to do, what I do, for so many.  Those who know me, really know me, know that I have given more, and paid the price for it, than most, if not all, of my contemporaries.


This workshop starts with a challenge.

  1. Click here to download the CeI PRIMARY OBJECTION, BARRIER or OBSTACLE FORM.
  2. On that form write down the one objection, barrier or obstacle you fear most when attempting to market or sell your product or service. 
  3. Enter your name and contact information. 
  4. Save the form on your computer under a new name
  5. Click on Submit By Email to CeI or email the form as an attachment to:
  6. The script for overcoming that Objection, Barrier or Obstacle, and many others, will be completed at the workshop. 

Like magic, you will make the objection, barrier or obstacle disappear.

Day, Date and Time:  Saturday, January 25, 2013, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Lunch is included)
Alternate Day, Date and Time: Monday, January 27, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Dinner is included)
Location: The Rib Trader Restaurant – 2710 East Chapman – Orange, CA 92869
Cost: $99.00
Discounts (Only one Discount Can be Applied):
Early Enrollment Discount (Before January 22, 2013) $60.00 You Pay only $39.00
Strategic Alliance Participant Discount: – $70.00. You Pay Only $29.00
Previous Learning Unit Student Discount – $65.00 You Pay Only $34.00
Discount if you have Attended a Previous CeI Workshop – $65.00 You Pay Only $34.00

To Enroll Click ENROLL or Call. . .

Call Cindy Bender, CeI Editor & Registrar, 714.948.0265
Laura Cannon, CeI Registrar, 714.883.9590
CJ Kagamaster, CeI Editor & Registrar, 949.683.5251

Have Questions? Call or send an email to:


2014 Future Forum

 Are your lights on yet?  You missed the Bill Alvarez performance

Let’s see if this blog can turn on some lights.

This year’s Forum for the Future was ill attended because it seems between Christmas and New Years, people shut off their minds and slip  into “coast mode.”  For CeI and the serious upward mobile entrepreneur and sales professional, that “dead week” is a great time to reflect upon what occurred during the year and what can be done to make the next year even more productive. This is why we  schedule the “Forum for the Future” during that week.

For the few who attended the impact was incredible.

The process of defining Goals, Objectives, Missions and Metrics for 2014 brought to the surface, arguably,  the two most important words of sales success, “BE REAL.”  This means BE REAL about:

  1. Your Market
  2. Your Attitude
  3. Your Products
  4. Your Organization
  5.  Your Value Proposition
  6. Your Investment of Time
  7.  Your Investment of Dollars
  8.  Your Skill Set for Micro-Marketing
  9. Your Skill Set for Professional Sales
  10. Your Skill Set for Relationship Development

The day before the forum, CJ Kagamaster and I defined her primary business goal for 2014.  This process brought to the surface the need for her to “Prove her Business Concept.”

We had previously determined that her being a “Good Witch” with “magic potions that make people feel and look younger in just 10 minutes” (Mary Kay products) would, by itself, not provide the income she desires through consumer sales.  In 2014 CJ will be the “Show Off Expert”, the person you consult when you want to “stand above and show what you love.”  During 2014 CJ will help those who want to show off their pride, their products, their services, their loves and all the other passions they have in life.  She has supplemented her Mary Kay product lines with “Ad Wear”- – clothes that dramatically display.

Meanwhile, CeI has initiated a more stringent qualification process for new strategic alliance program participants. Every NEW participant, as part of their enrollment process, will be required to complete a “Proof of Concept” for their business and the products and/or services they sell.  Because the majority of CeI’s income will be derived from a share of the INCREASED net sales revenue of our participants, we need to know that their business model is viable before they are accepted into a program that continues until they reach a net sales revenue increase of $100,000.00.

The Excitement That Comes From a Clear Plan

This new requirement, coupled with CJ’s 2014 Primary Business Goal, brought to surface her first objective under that goal; “Proof of Concept” for her business and new products.  CeI’s “Proof of Concept” Learning Unit (EMP-B-010) requires a detailed market study by product and market microsegment and a “disguised market test.”   Because this new direction and analysis surfaced through the planning process, CJ is very excited about 2014.

The Future Forum involves some very penetrating questions; questions that force participants to “BE REAL”.  Cindy Bender, Bill Alverez and Gene Lesman engaged with me in lively discussions.  We covered the challenges of the average Multi-level Marketing proposition, the need for an “End Plan” or “Exit Strategy” and the need for “Proof of Concept” analysis. 

Bill was the star of the Forum.  As we suggested some goals for each participant, Bill played devil’s advocate, questioning the logic of the direction, objectives and missions for the goals we were analyzing.  Bill is an individual who embraces his profession.  He makes it a point to continue to develop expertise in dry cleaning automation, materials, and processes.  He makes it a point to be continuously developing his micro-marketing and sales skills.  As a successful businessman, he brought a dimension of expertise that made the forum very effective.  Whatever discussion I started, he would clarify and enhance the explanation. 

For example, Cindy Bender, known as the “Credit Card Lady”, was queried about the trend of credit card processing.  Bill’s credit card processing is integrated into his point-of-sales system and, for this reason, he has no need, want or desire to have a separate credit card processing capability.  The questions I asked expanded into a discussion of the trend of retailers towards fully integrated point- of-sales systems, narrowing the market for separate credit processing solutions.  This trend will most likely continue, narrowing Cindy’s market.   The question was asked, “Instead of selling credit card processing, why not join an organization that sells “point-of-sales systems”?  The logic being that Cindy already has relationships with retailers all over Orange County. Transitioning these retailers to POS should be a “no brainer.”

Cindy indicated that her current company will soon launch a POS system of their own.  Additional penetrating questions brought to the surface an objective within her primary business goal.  

Objective: Become an expert on Point-of-Sales Systems for Retailers within a selected target market segment (benefits, functions and capabilities).

Metric: A Comparison Chart of the Total Merchant Services POS against the leading POS vendor within the target market.  The chart is to contain a listing of the top twenty benefits, functions, and capabilities.

Cindy now knows the first steps she must take to achieve a $100,000 net sales revenue increase in 2014.

What the Participants Took Away

  1. Definition of their primary business goal for 2014
  2. Knowledge of how to use the CeI GOMMs form to define, in detail, goals for the other six dimensions of their life.
  3. A list of objectives that must be achieved to reach their goals along with the metric (numbers) that measure the degree of success.
  4. A list of missions within each objective that must be successfully completed to achieve each objective.  Again, the metric (measure) of each mission was included.
  5. Knowledge of how to use “internal” and “external” resources to help with each mission.
  6. A clearer understanding of the challenges facing their particular business and a strategy for overcoming those challenges.

At Cannon eInstitute, we have created the 2014 Seminar/Workshop Calendar.  Another GOMMs workshop is not scheduled until late December of 2014.  If you would like to experience a Future Planning Forum in January of 2014, just click below and give us your reasons.  If we have sufficient interest we will schedule another 2014 Future Forum.  Who knows, we may have enough interest to invite Bill to participate in that forum as well.

Vote for a January Future Forum

Good Decisions

A “good” decision is made based upon all available facts and made when it needs to be made.  While it is still under study, approximately 92% of good decisions turn out to be the “right”; that is the outcome is what was desired.  Bad decisions are based only upon gut feel, intuition.  The study in progress demonstrates that bad decisions, on the average, turn out to be right about 56%.  Apparently, some people have good intuition.

I pay a $1.97 a gallon equivalent for the natural gas that drives my vehicle and I ride in the car pool lane all by myself.  It is a Honda Civic GX/NGV.  Getting rid of my BMW 740 IL and BUYING my Natural Gas Vehicle was a good decision.  I researched it, obtained all the available facts and ordered the vehicle from a dealer that did not require a deposit.  The wait was about five months.  During that time, I continued my research.  When it came time to purchase the vehicle, I was confident the decisions would turn out to be right.  I have saved thousands of dollars on fuel and I have passed thousands of cars on the freeways as I travel from program participant to program participant.

Every Cannon eInstitute business development program participant has increased their net sales revenue by much more than the cost of their participation fee and the time they have invested. Eight 2012 participants reported net sales revenue increases greater than $100,000.  They researched the decision, they read the testimonials, some talked with other participants. THEY made a good decision and enrolled.

While, at this time, there are no openings in our current Strategic Alliance program, an aspiring entrepreneur or sales professional can take individual learning units.  Each Learning Unit teaches a single skill that can be used to immediately increase sales opportunities and take more profitable sales orders.

For example, for just $35.00, plus tax, you can learn how to compose elevator speeches, one-minute seminars and networking/Internet commercials.  You get the book, interactive, email based, consulting with a CeI Professor or Instructor and help generating the three sales tools featured in the learning Unit (MM-B-200 Composing Compelling Elevator Speeches, One-Minute Seminars and Networking Commercials).  When you have completed this Learning Unit you will have an elevator speech you love, a one-minute seminar that differentiates you from your competitors and motivates potential prospects with a strong call-to-action, and a networking commercial you can use whenever you are given the opportunity at conventions and networking meetings.

To purchase MM-B-200 just click on the “Store” tab, click on products and select MM-B-200 “The Book”.  If you have any challenge enrolling and downloading your copy of the ebook, just email me at

You can also get a copy of SLS-B-100 Basic Sales a Review and Advanced Sales an Introduction, listed in our store at $25.00, for FREE.  Just send your name and contact information by email to  The subject of your email must be “FREE SLS-B-100″.  You will be enrolled as a CeI Participant and receive valuable information through this blog and our quarterly Micro-Marketing and Advanced Sales Forum eNewsletter.

“When”, I ask myself often, “are the non-participants I encounter, going to start making good decisions?”

It costs you NOTHING to become a CeI participant and only $35.00 to learn how to compose compelling elevator speeches, one-minute seminars and commercials. It costs you nothing to speak with me and create a successful business development plan.

Don’t wait, Don’t Hesitate, Don’t Delay – Enroll Today.  I don’t care if you are broke or suffering other monetary restraints… email me, lets get you started.




When You Are Ready

As a driven individual it is hard to understand those who are not.  My obsession is with the success of the Cannon eInstitute participants.  Once you enroll, you understand what it means to have someone who is a coach, counselor, consultant, copy writer, trainer, motivator, mentor, monitor, innovator, technical writer, web site designer, customer relationship database configuration expert,  marketing campaign designer and implementer, speaker and researcher on your team.  The many strong testimonials CeI posts are proof positive that success in a legitimate small business or sales position is a high probability. [We are not permitted by law to guarantee your success.]

Almost every CeI participant is driven to success and they persist toward the goals of increasing qualified prospect leads, sales conversions (prospects to customers and customers to friends) and profits. 

The success of CeI, for those who study and work with their CeI Instructors, Professors and counselors in developing effective sales tools, and implement those tools, is IRREFUTABLE.  All of this is why is was difficult for me to understand those who fail to enroll.  Then, while talking to  a prospect, the prospect provided an epiphany; those prospects who disregard the obvious are not ready to learn.  They are not ready to take the proven path and instead want to explore on their own.  They don’t need, want or desire to invest the time and tuition/consulting fee to achieve the success they profess to seek.  It is not that they doubt CeI or our capability, it is that they are just not ready.

For those of you who are reading this blog, when you are ready to explore a different future, call 714 742-4900 and lets schedule a chat.

The only warning I have is, “Don’t wait until it is too late”.